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IENG 352

Creativity & Innovation

Instructor: S. Kellogg
Objectives: The primary focus of this course is to introduce students to the rigors of the business world through creative problem solving, developing product innovations, and solving problems from multiple perspectives using the whole brain model. 
Prerequisite: N/A

T, R  3:00 4:15   CB 205

Text: Notes
Office: Lib 148
Hours: M, W, F, 10:00-12:00
by appointment
Team Evaluation   25
Project 100
Total Points  125

   90-100%    A        
   80-89%      B      
   70-79%      C      
Intellectual Diversity Freedom in learning.  Students are responsible for learning the content of any course of study in which they are enrolled. Under Board of Regents and University policy, student academic performance shall be evaluated solely on an academic basis and students should be free to take reasoned exception to the data or views offered in any course of study. Students who believe that an academic evaluation is unrelated to academic standards but is related instead to judgment of their personal opinion or conduct should contact the dean of the college which offers the class to initiate a review of the evaluation.
Electronic Devices Please turn off your cell phone before class starts. No text messaging in class. No headphones. Students may download a hardcopy of the lecture notes before class or they may access course notes electronically via DyKnow during class.  Dyknow may be used at times to restrict access to pertinent course material.  Any attempt to circumvent the DyKnow monitoring system will be considered a form of cheating and a breach of academic integrity (refer to Academic Integrity policy in catalog).
ADA Students with special needs or requiring special accommodations should contact the instructor and/or the campus ADA coordinator, Jolie McCoy, at 394-1924 at the earliest opportunity. 

Grades of less than C available on request. There will be no retesting of exams. Makeup exams will be granted for absences due to school related activities provided it is cleared with the instructor prior to the exam date. Makeup exams will also be granted for valid medical reasons.