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IENG 362
Stochastic Models

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Date Topic Section Notes Review Assign
Aug 21-25 Markov Chains   Prob Review Rules of Prob  
Aug 28-Sep 1 Markov Chains Ch 13.1-13.5 Markov Chains




Aug 31 Last Day Add/Drop; Last Day to Submit Application for Fall Graduation
Sep 4 Labor Day        
5-8 2-Step transitions  Ch 13.6 Multi-Step Transitions Matrix Tmplate HwkMC2
11-15     MC Steady State    

Steady State
Cost Functions


MC Costs
MC Apps
First Passage



25-29 Exam I        
Oct 2-6 Queuing Theory Ch 16.1-16.2

Que Demo

Steady State

Wait Time

Total ProbabilityExponential
Expected ValueInverse
HwkQ 1
9 Native American's Day        
10-13 Queuing Theory Ch 16.3

Finite Capacity


HwkQ 2

Queuing Theory

Ch 16.3

Mult. Server

Que Example

  HwkQ 3
23-27 Queuing Theory  

Que Apps

30-Nov 3 Exam II        
3 Last Day Add/Drop        
6-10 G/G/s Queues        
10 Veteran's Day   Non-Markov Ques    
13-17 Queue Networks Ch. 17.1, 17.2 Jackson Network   Hwk QNet
Hwk JacksonNet
20-21 Game Theory Ch 15 GameTheory   Hwk Game
22-27 Thanksgiving        
Nov 27 - Dec 1 Game Theory Ch 15 end GameTheory II   Hwk Game II
Dec 4-5 Decision Theory Ch. 16 Decision Thry    
7-13 Final Exam  R, Dec 7, 11:00-12:50