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Instructor: S. Kellogg
Objectives: The student will develop the ability to identify major issues concerning automation selection and application, understand the computer technology underlying manufacturing automation, and apply computer control and automation appropriately throughout the manufacturing process to improve performance.
Prerequisite: Senior Standing or permission of instructor. It is expected that students will be able to access, download, and utilize SolidWorks/CAD software.
Time/Place: M,W 2:00-2:50
IER 205
Labs: LIB 130, time TBD
Text: Automation, Production Systems, and Computer Integrated Manufacturing, current ed., Groover, M.P., Prentice Hall.
Office: LIB 144
Hours: M, W, F, 10:00-12:00
by appointment
Grading: Exams (2-3)    50%
Assignments    20%
Project           30%

   90-100%    A       
   80- 89%     B      
   70- 79%     C      

Grades of less than C available on request. Homeworks will be assigned weekly but will not be required to be turned in. Students are encouraged to keep up with the homework schedule. There will be no retesting of exam
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ADA Students with special needs or requiring special accommodations should contact the instructor and/or the campus ADA coordinator, Jolie McCoy, at 394-1924 at the earliest opportunity.